The Chi Choir meet on Monday evenings to sing away the Monday Blues!

The choir meet weekly and enjoy learning new learning new songs, working towards performances and learning about the joys of group singing.

Sessions cost £6 each or £30 for 6.

They work on their own arrangements of a wide range of music – pop, gospel, Motown and folk from around the world. Sessions are open to anyone and everyone.

“Singing in a group is less exposing and can be a great way to build up muscle memory and confidence while learning a new skill. It’s a great release of tension and the best thing is, anyone can try!” – Nikki Holden, Choir Member

The Choir also regularly donates to Stonepillow, The Chichester Food Bank, West Sussex Mind and Tuppeny Barn – doing good and feeling good all through singing!

“I could write a gospel on what Chi Choir has done for me personally, but I will save that for another day!! All I can say for now is that my life has transformed over the last 12 months for many reasons and Chi Choir has played a huge part in that. Thank you for all that you do in making it so special.”

The Choir Meet at: 7-8:30pm, Orchard Street Family Church, PO19 1DD

Email Bubsie for further information.

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